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Was founded1988Years,Is cleaning supplies top 10 enterprises in China。

It happened300A number of national patents,Is the industry standard for a number of countries the main unit。

As one of China's large-scale cleaning products manufacturers and suppliers,

In the broad masses of customers at home and abroad enjoy a good reputation and has a higher visibility。

30Over the years,The company's got talent Has been committed to cleaning products research and development,Manufacturing and sales。

Companies with strict quality management and excellent manufacturing process,Products are exported to the United States、In Australia、Day、Europe, and many other developed countries,

In the international market enjoys a good reputation and word-of-mouth。

At home has a number of honorary titles,Products have been acknowledged and was deeply loved by people。

Have to chase,Looking back,Grateful for your accompany all the way。Based on now,Looking to the future,

With our quality products and services,Return your love!


Corporate social responsibility

The company's got talent,Have been pregnant with a grateful heart,

The FuRuoJiPin in return society bounden responsibility,

Set up1000Ten thousand yuan“Yi si da charity poverty alleviation fund”,Used for helpage involed with student。

The foundation was set up for many years,Has now been funded200Many students back to school,At the same time also paid for the needy1000More households。

The company has built all over the country8Love primary schools。

Under the guidance of chairman ai-liang li,Yi si da love chapter are written......